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Many patients, physicians, and dentists misunderstand TMJ & TMD problems. Here’s what you need to know.

Facial Pain

Your pain is real and it is not your fault. Facial pain can be effectively treated.

Sleep Problems

Suffering from snoring or Sleep Apnea problems? Help is here.

You've tried everything.
It's time to call Dr. Tanenbaum.

Advanced training and over 25 years of experience makes Dr. Tanenbaum uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat facial pain, TMD, tension headaches, snoring, Sleep Apnea and more. His approach is compassionate and integrated. Relief Lives Here!

Pain and Emotions

Could stress be a reason for your facial pain? The answer often is “Yes!”

Find out about the link between pain and emotions.

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Women and Pain

Research has shown that there are biologic factors that cause women to suffer facial pain more than men.

These problems are complex and deserve special attention.

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What is Referred Pain?

Did you know tooth pain, jaw pain, and even ear pain can be coming from somewhere else?

Click for more about the phenomenon of Referred Pain.

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